Class Information


For tuition and current class schedule information, please contact the school directly.

For each class level, age ranges listed are approximate and vary based on development.  Pointe work is included in Level A2 and higher. Additional private coaching is available for ages 10 and up:

Ages 5 to 7, one class weekly
Beginner Level A
Ages 7 to 10, one class weekly.
Level A1 (Beginner)
Ages 7 to 10, two classes weekly
Level A2 (Beginner/Intermediate)
Ages 10 to 12, two to three classes weekly
Level B1 (Intermediate)
Ages 12 to 14, three classes weekly plus Pointe Class
Level B2 (Advanced)
Ages 14 to 16+, four classes or more weekly plus Pointe Class
Pointe Class (Intermediate/Advanced) 
Variations Class (Intermediate/Advanced) 
These classes are available to students ages 12 and up and are not required classes:
Floor Barre (Zena Rommett method)
All students are admitted to the school by audition, at which time they will be assigned to the appropriate class level.

At each level, students are required to attend a set number of classes per week in order to maintain technical proficiency. Extra classes may be added to the standard schedule to augment training (with teacher’s permission).

An annual recital is held at the end of each school year in May, with costumes provided by the school.



ARCOS Dance holds classes and rehearsals at the Austin School of Classical Ballet studio. If you’re interested in training with ARCOS or attending a performance, please visit their website: